Cut the Rope (PC Version)



Cut the Rope Experiments (PC)

Satisfy a cute monster’s appetite for candy in Cut the Rope, a fabulous challenge based on the hit mobile game.

A mysterious package arrives at your house with a cute little monster inside. His name is Om Nom and he has a voracious appetite for candy. Can you figure out the puzzles to cut the ropes and release delicious bundles of candy into Om Nom’s mouth? He’ll graciously thank you for it!


Keep your new companion’s sweet tooth satisfied in 275 wonderful levels. Play through a range of different box types including Cardboard, Fabric, Gift Box, Toy Box, and others, each with interesting new gameplay mechanics to keep you coming back for more. Avoid a variety of obstacles, collect gold stars, and figure out the physics to keep Om Nom’s belly full.



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  • Myah

    Hi do you have date warp?

    • Snowangel

      Hello Myah. I have sent you an email. Did you get it?

      • Myah

        Yes I got it, and also, you don’t have to look for the Hakuoki game, I don’t feel like playing that anymore Thank you so much though!!

  • Chrysanthemum San

    Snowangel , can you re-upload this game , it looks interesting ! :)

  • Jennifer Y

    I can’t seem to get the game to work? Am I doing something wrong? Why is there only the Gamehouse part and not another app?

  • malim

    Someone please help, how do I get the game to work, please respond ASAP, thanks

    • Snowangel

      What files you’ve got after you download and unrar the game?

      • malim

        Some GH-Cut the rope .exe with a batch file to play the game, but when I go into it, the screen flashes and nothing happens. I installed dotnetfx4 Thanks for responding so quickly, I hope you can help meThanks for responding so quickly, I hope you can help me

        • Snowangel

          First you need to install the game and the components from game house. If you run the bat file the installer should begin, yes? Run that, install the game, leave it to download all the necessary registry files and then you will start ti play from C:GAMESCut the Rope

          • malim

            That does happen but nothing is being downloaded or installed, is there a way or option to download the required registry files and then install the game? Once again thanks for the quick and helpful responseOnce again thanks for the quick and helpful response

          • Snowangel

            There is no other way for now, not until a newer version(free) comes out. But I did found another link for you to download with a similar way to install the game that might work out better for you.

            First delete and unistall anything that has to do with the game. Then download it again from here:


            Follow instructions and good luck!

            1) Unpack game.

            2) Run GameHouse-Installer_am-cuttherope_gamehouse_.exe

            3) Install triall version to another folder. (incl. xna framewwork 4.0 and netframework 4.0)

            4) After installing run GH-CutTheRopeApp.exe and play

  • alv

    During the installation, the installer “downloading 2 of 2 games files 198.2 Mb”. Is it right?

    • Snowangel

      Yes, that’s correct. Did you finish with your download?

  • Frian Lapid

    Thank you very much for this. It runs on my Win 8 Pro. :)

    • Snowangel

      Thanks for the feedback Frian! Have fun with the game! :)

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