Delicious – Emily’s Taste of Fame







Voted TOP TIME MANAGEMENT GAME at the 2010 Great Games Awards!

Emily’s back and ready for prime time in Delicious – Emily’s Taste of Fame, the latest chapter in the hugely popular Delicious series of games. Emily’s trip to Hollywood and her new cooking show, “Emily’s Taste of Fame”, comes to a sudden halt when her trusty car breaks down in a small roadside town. To make matters worse, Emily has no money for repairs. Fortunately, Snuggford is full of culinary crises and Emily always leaps at an opportunity to roll up her sleeves. Help her get on the road again by whipping up scrumptious meals and serving them to a huge variety of customers, both familiar and new, in loads of challenging levels. And, just like in real life, every level features an unexpected event that’s sure to keep you on your toes! Will Emily make it in the big time? Or, are there more important things than fame and fortune? See why millions of players have already fallen in love with Emily and her Delicious adventures in the free demo version, or play the full unlimited version and enjoy a rich menu of love, friendship, joy, drama, and addictive action. Join Emily for the adventure of her life today!


Serve customers in five all-new locations
Enjoy an engrossing, in-game storyline
Tackle special surprise events in each level
Whip-up a huge variety of dishes, desserts, drinks, and more






















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  • Angel

    Snow did the other emily games not come over when you guys did the transfer.

    • Snowangel

      Most of them are here and you can find them in this link

      If you want one that we don’t have it, let me know and I will get it right away. :)

      • Belladonna

        I was looking for the first three Delicious game i believe that tea garden may be three

        • Snowangel

          The first two Delicious Deluxe games are ready now. Tea Garden is the third one and it’s already in the site.
          Have fun Belladonna!

          • Belladonna

            OMG THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!