Farm for your Life



Farm for your Life

Farm for your Life in this zombie flavored farming game! After a heavy storm raises the dead, it’s the task of the living to rebuild a sustainable life. Cultivate your farm, trade resources and manage your restaurant all while fending off roaming zombies in this uniquely well-designed game!

Game Features:
Mix of time-management and tower defense
Build and manage your own restaurant
Play story mode or endless game mode

Thanks to LeeGT

Updated 9/06 This fixes one major problem: When you go into the woods section of the game, you cannot access your tools in the current version.
This prevents you from accessing the tool your are given for the final story element.




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  • Kaesa

    Hello, Thank you for sharing this game. Have quite some funs with it. It seems though that this is the older version in which the golden scythe to cut the herb doesn’t work.

    Is it possible for you to find a newer version?

    • Snowangel

      Hello Kaesa, thanks for letting me know about the problem. I replaced the link with the updated version.
      Have fun!

      • Kaesa

        Much thanks for that :)

  • gbird2014

    What an odd game! I went in expecting time management farming (which parts of it are), and it turned into a disconcerting blend of farming, restaurant managing, fruit slicing, zombie avoiding, tower defense weirdness… Not *bad* weirdness, just… unusual.

    Thanks for putting it up Snowangel!

    • Snowangel

      Thank you for the feedback gbird! It’s always a pleasure to hear (more like read) how all of you find the games you play.
      Off to the next one!