Farm Mystery: The Horror of Orchardville










Farm Mystery: The Horror of Orchardville|Final|Hidden Objects


A dark shadow has fallen over the small village of Orchardville. For some time, the people tell of strange and mysterious events surrounding the junction of Orchard Farm. Ghostly light phenomena, spooky voices and pain-filled screams in the middle of the night – as if that were not enough, more people disappear in a mysterious way … Something has arrived outside!
Only if you can conquer your fear, you have a chance to unravel the mystery Orchardville.


Game Features:
•       Exciting hidden object adventure
•       More than 30 creepy hidden object and adventure scenes
•       Countless “hot spots” for information and story elements
•       Unique characters and interactive dialogues
•       15 challenging mini-games































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  • sunset

    Hello Dl file ande installed from Lee GT games but not even opening the game ??? can you advise thanks

    • Snowangel

      Hello sunset. After installing the game, right click in the shortcut of the game that is now on your desktop and choose *run as admin*. This will probably fix your problem.
      If not, let me know and we will find another solution. :-)

      • sunset

        many thanks for your quick response and yes it does work , I love your site have a great day

        • Snowangel

          Awesome! Enjoy the game! We love you too :)

  • Julie

    Has anyone had the problem where the resolution is goofed up, so you can’t see the inventory or anything on the bottom of the screen? Every version I’ve tried downloading has this. Thanks!!!