Legend of Mystery High Cultures





Legend of Mystery High Cultures [Final] Match 3


As the operator and curator of a museum, you must go on the trail of ancient cultures to locate worthy artifacts to fill and display. Using your match-3 skills and ambition to assemble the very best, you’ll navigate through over 100 fantastic levels of challenging game play along the way as you pursue treasures to astound and delight your visitors. It may be easy to learn, but challenging to master.



-Over 100 fantastic levels!
-Infinite gameplay with free play mode!
-Easy to learn, challenging to master!
-Compelling ancient Egyptian theme!



















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  • http://snowangelgames.com/ Snowangel

    First game of the year. May this be a wonderfull full of new games year.
    Happy new year to all of you my friends!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=519566171 Kim Cross

      Thank you! Happy New Year to you too! :o )