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August 27, 2012


Due to some technical problems with my computer we were not able to update the site the past 10 days. (My pc just gave up on me!)

Now everything is back to normal. Thank you all for your messages, I got them all and I will try to reply very very fast to all of you.

Stay tuned, we will have many new games posted!




May 3, 2012


We will start replacing all the broken links for the games. It will take awhile because the games in here are 1000+ and we only have few hours per day to do so. If you find a game that needs to be updated, please leave a comment so we can fix it faster.

All the games will have Filefactory links (among other mirrors) so if you’re interesting on buying a premium account to download our games faster and with no limitations, you can do it through this link:


Premium Filefactory Account


Thank you.


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  • Donu

    This is the kind of games I love!!!! Thank you Snow,have a nice day…because you made mine veeery nice!!!!

    • Snowangel

       You’re going to have an awesome weekend with this game dear Donu. You’re very welcome!