Reversion: Chapter I – The Escape










The first chapter of Reversion: The Escape. You wake up in a hospital without memories to know that you are in year 2035, and that the city of Buenos Aires was isolated from the country (Argentina) and taken by a paramilitary force after a big explosion in the city.

In one of the world’s most overcrowded cities, the worst happened…

Twenty years later, a man with no memory holds the key to change it all.



















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  • chick

    hi snow! do you have another chapter of this?

    • Snowangel

      Hi chick! This is a new game, only chapter 1 is available for now. We will post all the new chapters when they’re out. :)

      • chick

        I see. Thanks for the info. God bless!

        • Snowangel

          No problem my friend. :)

          • chick

            hi snow! can i request the chapter 2 of reversion? tnx.. God bless!

  • Coco

    Hi Snowangel

    Have you played this game? I have trouble with ‘i’ key for the inventory. It does nothing to me. Could you or anyone help?

    FYI, when I typed title to save game. It’s not in English at all. It’s some unknown language.

    • Snowangel

      Hi Coco. I played this game and as far as I remember the inventory workedfine for me. I will check it out again and let you know.
      Now for the weird language, that’s russian, if you hear them talking you will see they don’t talk english. I think there isn’t anything we can do about this but I assume you changed the language in the settings to english, right? You can put numbers to your saved games. That’s what I did! :-P

      • Coco

        Thank you for your fast response :) Yes I did check the language setting to be English that time I played.

        However, After I’ve realize that there is something wrong with the font, so I put >TTL file, an English in the font folder in the game file. Now everything works fine to me.
        This game is fun but pretty hard and complicated. Thank you for sharing:)

        • Snowangel

          That’s great! I wouldn’t have find that my self..! Thanks for sharing the tip, so it can help someone else also.
          It is a hard game and the episode is small. If you want my advise don’t use a walkthrough to finish the game, it will end in 10 mins. (I did and i regret it :P ) Keep on trying alone.
          Have fun!