Wedding Dash 3: Ready Aim Love









Wedding Dash 3 Ready Aim Love. Cupid has visited DinerTown and love is in the air! Quinn starts planning her OWN wedding!

Anything can happen with the Cupid’s magic love arrows! Match the right wedding guests together at the new cocktail tables to earn a love bonus, but watch out for the wedding crashers or they will ruin the wedding party.

Play the most romantic Wedding Dash game yet – Wedding Dash 3 Ready, Aim, Love!

Wedding Dash 3 Ready Aim Love Full Version Game Features

55 levels of wedding dash reception fun
All new Cupid mini-game
Expanded wedding planning stage
More customization options
Unlimited Play





















  • Nanao

    I love tese games, cooking dash, dinner dash, wedding dash, XDD Like you can see al the X Dash :p. They are really simple games but also really entertaining, I can play and time flies! And I only have Wedding Dash 4 in this laptop so… downloading ^^ Thanks!

    • Snowangel

      You will find many of these kind of games in here to pass your time. And if you run up into a game that we don’t have, feel free to ask us for it.
      Have fun Nanao! :)

  • Alice Phamtomhive

    Hey Snow~ The link is expire ><|||

    • Snowangel

      Hi Alice. I just checked the link and it’s working fine for me. What does it says for you?

      • Alice Phamtomhive

        I’m sorry! Really really sorry! I thought it was an expire link >< Sorry! *bow*

        • Snowangel

          No worries sweet girl, it’s fine. Love ya! ♥

  • Bogosipda

    Hey snow! So sorry but this link doesnt work for me :( Is there any other links?

  • Dreamer

    Thank you soooo much you really are an angel my sister has a rare disease and she wanted me to find this game for her thank you I really appreciate it

    • Snowangel

      Hello Dreamer!
      We’re so glad we made your sister a little more happier with the game. Sending hugs and lots of love to you both! ♥